Monday, September 1, 2014

Mission Hill Farm

Mission Hill Farm is the dream of a five-year-old that came true through dedication to family and hard work.

The Mission Hill Farm brand is the real life manifestation of a Christmas present I received when I was five years old. I still remember my oldest brother, Bob, setting up the plastic farm animals in front of the red, tin and plastic barn, complete with round silos. I don't think he had any idea of how deeply that farm set would impact my future dreams and life.

My wife and I and my mother purchased a five acre cow pasture over twenty years ago; however, dedication to a growing family and career kept farming a "maybe someday dream."

Now, with two children grown and one still at home, it is time to see if the American dream can come true in Springville, California.

The farm will always be funded by the income earned from faithful public service, but perhaps with a little creativity, we can produce and sell our rabbit, lamb, eggs, and sheep milk yogurt and cheese at local farmers' markets. Our hope is develop our family farm and produce quality products that are delivered with a friendly, personal touch.

The adventure begins.

This blog is inspired by two other blogs:    by Hal Walter, who  uses the beauty of language to inspire his readers to eat healthy, live actively, enjoy donkeys and pack burro racing, and live life in a way that we try to understand others, who may see life a little differently.   by Danelle Wolford, who captured my interest backyard farming and spoke to my "Yes, we can" attitude.
The future of Mission Hill Farm