Monday, January 30, 2017

New Website Host, New Show Year

Kern County Rabbit Breeders Association

After more than a month, is back up and running. A computer crash and loss of software and files necessitated a migration from the CS5 generated website to a cloud based website at our new host: The process was a bumpy road and still is not complete, but thankfully, the website is now functioning.

We hope to reconnect with previous customers and hopefully meet many more in 2017.

Participation in this year’s rabbit shows has confirmed that reds are increasing in popularity and improving in quality. My family and I made the southward trek to San Diego and the ARBA National Convention for the first time. I was amazed at all the New Zealand reds. Our little rabbitry did OK for our first time: we had a buck place third in senior bucks, and we had three broken reds that were the highest placed broken reds at the show. I must admit, we did not like the caging arrangements: we have never housed our rabbits in shavings and found this method messy.

This last weekend was a first for our family’s rabbitry: we not only won our first Best of Breed, but we accomplished this twice in shows B and C. I guess we are making progress in trying to help reds be competitive against whites, blacks, and now blues. For the first time our reds beat  the other varieties of New Zealands. We have been competitive against other reds, but rarely get placed ahead of the other varieties. But wow: one senior red buck won Best of Breed in show B and in show C our brokens won Best of Breed and Best Opposite. I don’t think we will repeat these results often, but it was a nice way for the family to spend a Saturday together. I know my son was disappointed at having to stay for more judging, but my youngest continued her winning streak in the raffle and won a nice Mini Rex for her older sister.

Next stop on our show calendar is the West Coast Classic in Reno; we loved this show last year: well organized, lots of interesting vendors, and everyone was very friendly. For 2017, we will begin showing a whole new string of juniors, who are just about ready to escape to their own cages. We have retired last year’s show bunch to the breeding barn.

It you are interested in purchasing a New Zealand red or broken from us, check out our for sale pages. We will have many new additions coming soon.