Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Heat and Sneezes

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It is now only a couple weeks before I return to the classroom and summer is officially over. I will miss swimming in the pool and being free to do as I wish all day long. I will not miss the heat and trying to keep our rabbits cool.

Despite having vaccinated my adults with BunnyVac, many from last spring’s breeding season have developed a sneeze. Immediately, I feared Pasteurella virus and was surprised I could no longer purchase Terramycin powder to mix in the rabbit’s water bottles. In the past, if a rabbit had a sneeze, a week of Terramycin and all was well. This summer, I used the injectable Liquamycin and that did not seem to affect any positive change. I did not know if they were sneezing from dust in the garage or feed, or if  they were  sneezing from the air-conditioner. I finally culled the rabbits who were sneezing  and as a result, wiped out most of my fall show animals.

Disheartened, I questioned if I really wanted to keep breeding and showing rabbits. Was the rabbit hobby worth the effort? My helper, my daughter Micaela, is starting high school and now her time seems to be spent on volleyball practice or talking about volleyball on the phone. Rabbits only get her attention when I ask her for help. I hope the cooler fall and this next set of four litters will brighten the picture and fill the show cages.

I have been planning to downsize our farm and move to Running Y in Klamath, Oregon. With plenty of time to waste, I emailed a realtor to see if rabbits were allowed according to the development’s CC&R’s. The answer was “no.” Then I thought what would I do all day without any animals to occupy my time. Klamath is now just a dream from the past and the reality is I live where it is hot and probably always will live where it is hot. Springville is and will always be home. I will work to improve the air conditioning in the garage and make sure all spring babies are vaccinated before the summer heat.

I look forward to showing a bunch of young juniors at Hanford in the fall, that is if there are no volleyball games scheduled.

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  1. Mr. Hackett, you're not teaching at Granite anymore?
    By the way, I very much enjoyed hearing from you in your blog :)
    - Jackie Flores