Saturday, August 12, 2017

"To Micaela"

To Micaela
Evan Hackett

Nancy keeps asking
If I want
A picture of you
On your deathbed,
Dressed in your pink
Sweat suit.

I prefer my memory
Of you
In your Lazyboy
Watching the Lakers:
With Chick announcing,
The “jello is jigglin’."
If I try, I can still
Hear a faint
“Go Lakers” dangling
In the air.

I moved your swing
To the patio
By the pool.
Sometimes, at night,
I go and sit and swing
And hope for memories
To remind me of you.

We chat like
We used to, and
I try to catch you up
On the grand kids:
Christina is an
Architect in the city;
Jed is in college
On the East Coast.
We seldom talk.
I do not
Know why.

Melanie, who
Bears your name,
Is a fighter like you,
But instead of R.A.,
She battles A.L.L.

She would like
Rocking with you
In the Lazyboy
Swinging with you
On the porch.

A magical  smile
And touch
Between generations.

What is this space
Between you and me?
I still swing in hopes
Of feeling you
Sitting next to me,
But am distracted by the bats,
Who skim the pool
In hopes of
A few mosquitoes.

After swimming laps,
I head in
To my recliner
And cheer on
The Dodgers, but Vin’s voice
Is too but a memory.

I wonder if
My youngest, Micaela,
Will understand
What it means
To be
The keeper
Of family memories.

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  1. Maybe because of the advancing years, but I don't remember shedding so many tears as now. Sad when memories are all you have of someone so special in your life. We honored Mom with her name as part of my youngest grandchild"s name, but now she is in the fight of her life, battling leukemia, but the smile is always there, is Mom helping her with the fight, I hope so, I believe she is with her.